Yoga classes in York at Tamsin Yoga, are a beautiful way to improve flexibility and strength, de-clutter the mind, become more focused, relaxed, find inner balance, let go of the past and breathe.

Gentle/Dynamic Yoga classes in York

A Gentle/Dynamic mix of Yoga, starting really gentle and working up to some good stretches and strengthening poses! Anyone can come as long as you have a reasonable level of fitness.

We will enjoy a little bit of a challenge.

We start gentle and have a good warm-up. Once warmed up we will go deeper, building strength and focus but staying relaxed and aware of the breath and each movement. We will be doing some lovely deep yoga poses and some challenging stretches and strengthening exercise but all in a relaxed and gentle way.


Gentle Yoga classes in York

A gentle yoga class suitable for all. These yoga classes will be very gentle, slow and relaxing. There will be a focus on the breath, which will help to declutter the mind. We will improve flexibility in a gentle, slow accessible way. I will take time to modify for wrist, shoulder, knee injury etc.

We will be slowly warming up with some gentle movements which will build up to some strengthening flowing stretches.

Yoga for everyone. Beginners Yoga classes in York

A class is suitable for everyone, Good for beginners or those that prefer a more gentle class.
It will, however, all be slow and explained in-depth, however, we will work into deep poses over the weeks in a slow and accessible way. So ill take the time to explain every move and work into some deeper poses but in stages, so beginners can progress and those that enjoy a slower pace can join.

It will be a little bit more challenging than the gentle classes but a little bit less so than the Gentle/Dynamic mix yoga classes.

This class can be a preferred gentle class or a stepping stone to the more dynamic classes.

Come as a beginner and move over the Gentle/Dynamic class in time.


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