Yoga classes in Pocklington

Yoga classes in Pocklington are held at the Scout's Hut on Wednesdays.

Private yoga & sessions are held in our Garden Yoga Studio In Pocklington.

For a list of Yoga classes in York & Stamford Bridge please go to the schedule here



Private Yoga Sessions

This is a time just for you, with your very own yoga session tailored exactly how you want it or need it.

Sometimes you just need a bit of time with me to get confident enough to come to class.

Each pose will be slow and explained in-depth.
Time will be taken to explain every move and to work into deeper poses, in stages, in a slow and accessible way. We will work up to some stronger poses as our time together unfolds.

Sometimes you'll just prefer to work on a 1 to 1 basis... We can work on anything you want.

Bolsters, belts,  blocks and blankets will be available to use.

Please CONTACT me to discuss your needs


Gentle Yoga u3a Group

Each Gentle Yoga class will begin very relaxed and slow. Focusing on the breath, we will take the time to let go of the day and unwind. Slow warm-up with some gentle movement which will build up to some strengthening but gentle stretches.

We will improve flexibility in a gentle, slow, accessible way. I will take time to modify for wrist, shoulder, knee injuries etc.

Once we warm up we will go deeper. Building strength and focus but staying relaxed and aware of the breath and each movement. Toward the end, there will be pranayama (breathing technics) and guided visualisation. This leads to a deep relaxation 'Yoga Nidra' (Yogic sleep).

We are on a Wednesday at 10 am at the Scout's hut on Burnby Lane.
For these Yoga classes in Pocklington, you will need to be a member of the Pocklington u3a group, you can give your u3a number at your first taster class.

50% off your first class