Therapy In Pocklington

In Therapy, in Pocklington, you will find a space where you feel supported and really seen and heard.

Hi, I'm Paul, I provide Therapy in Pocklington & The Pocklington area, I am an Advanced Trainee Gestalt therapist living in the Pocklington/York area. I have trained in Barcelona, Spain and I am currently undertaking Psychotherapy training in Scarborough. I am also a fully qualified Hypnotherapist.

I'm qualified and insured to work with adults (18+)

Come to Therapy in Pocklington from my garden room at home in person or online, whichever suits you.

I offer an open and inviting space to all. Whoever you are and wherever you are in your life, I look forward to working alongside you.

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Therapy In Pocklington - About Me

I am leaning against the wall of the beautiful apartment block in Barcelona in spring 2009, waiting for my first-ever therapy session. I have been in the city for about 6 months and feel alone, depressed and a little ashamed of my feelings. I should be having the time of my life, after all, I’m in the prime of it, and in one of Europe’s grandest cities.  I should not be struggling, missing home, feel so alone. So many shoulds. So much self-recrimination. I have never considered therapy, it has come to me as a suggestion from my partner. Within my doubt, fear and confusion there is a tingle of excitement that I feel in my chest. I am craving contact. I am waiting to meet Jane, a Gestalt therapist from Sheffield, (I have no idea what Gestalt means), but I know that I am looking forward to meeting her. How strange but wonderful I think that two folks from Yorkshire are meeting for a therapy session in Barcelona.

I know something is wrong for me but have no idea what to do. Since I have lived here I have become withdrawn in social situations, lacking confidence in my ability to communicate in Spanish. I become silent in groups, filling full of pressure and embarrassment.  Not entirely new feelings, but ramped up to an unknown level in this new context so much so that I am becoming reluctant to socialise. I need help and support. Luckily for me, the Spanish are not backwards in coming forward about therapy. Things are different at this time in Britain. I am quite happy to be referred. Somewhere deep down I know I am taking a lifetime of stuff to this first session.




I look at the passers-by for an English-looking face and as one approaches, she puts her hand ever so gently upon my shoulder and says ‘’hi Paul’’ and opens the door. I immediately feel at ease.  We climb up the beautiful staircase to the therapy rooms of wonderfully tiled floors and hints of smells of essential oils. Meeting Jane, a wonderful person and inspirational therapist, slowly and surely changes my life. We continue to meet as two people, horizontally, no hierarchy is established. Ever. She sings from her balcony. I paint canvases in the spare room at home.


Jane is the one who introduces me to the world of psychotherapy and mental health, one where my experience of the here and now is validated, is taken seriously. She holds the ground, she challenges at times but essentially never renders invalid or deflects away from how I am with her. She has no fixed objective, she journeys alongside me at all times. She is probably the first person who really encourages me to be aware of myself, in relation to my environment, in the moment. Such a beautiful gift. No ought to-ing, or deflecting or don’t be thinking that way, just how I am in this moment. And we do a lot of work through shame and trauma. When I want to.


That was there and then and this is here and now. I have completed and am completing a lot of relational psychotherapy training which I adore. Am I a fixed person? One, never triggered or sad? Do I always get it right? Do I not feel shame any more? Like hell. Sometimes I feel like a slave to my dreams! But that’s okay. The difference is now that I am aware of my process, my tendencies and enduring relational themes. In that awareness of how those things play out in the here and now, I allow myself to feel and validate my experience for myself. In doing so I feel like a person in touch with myself and ultimately one with more agency. I also feel much more in tune with others which allows me to support, to be intuitive and co-create some beautiful moments. To look to meet my needs and the needs of others.  Rarely now do I suffer alone if I do not want to be alone like I did in the past. I ask for support. And I know it is okay to be vulnerable and to share that vulnerability. Holistically speaking, I feel much more comfortable with myself than I did in 2009. By being aware of my tendency to beat myself up, I do it less. This is the paradox of change.

Your Therapy In Pocklington or online sessions with me will work towards you building awareness of you and staying in touch with you. You exploring what is authentically you with me and beyond.

I do not pre-configure ground, have fixed objectives or diagnose. I will be habitually spontaneous, down to earth, grounding and creative with you. Theoretical if you ask me.  We are always 'works in progress'. There will always be changes, ups and downs. By being aware of how we are, we ultimately learn who we are which is a beautifully unending journey in itself.  And this in my opinion leads to a better sense of fulfilment for you.

Therapy In Pocklington

Here at Therapy in Pocklington, I have made it as easy as possible to book your first call with me, at first, it can seem a little daunting to take the first step, but once you have, please rest assured everything is 100% confidential. You book through my Callender and the 20-minute call doesn't mean you have to book any more sessions, all you do at first is have a conversation to see if Therapy In Pocklington with me, is the right fit and you feel comfortable.

So please book that call to see if I am the right therapist for you.

Therapy Near Me

For Therapy Near Me/You-If you live in the Pocklington, York area we can arrange a face-to-face or online session with an initial free 20-minute online or telephone call.

Mental Health Services Pocklington

In addition, I work from and undergo continual professional development from NESTT in Pocklington and York Mind

I work Online and In-person for Mentel Health Services in Pocklington and York.

Therapy OnLine

Since the pandemic, working from home has become much more commonplace and I have noticed an increased desire for therapy online. If you wish, I am happy to work online with you with Microsoft Teams Or Zoom.

I have partnered up with Tamsin Bramley at Tamsin Yoga and I will be offering Therapy Online. They will be one-on-one therapy sessions. Here you can also do regular Online Yoga sessions with Tamsin and her team within Vitality Space.

Find Out More HERE

Gestalt Therapy

I stumbled into Gestalt Therapy by chance but quite clearly the need created the field for me. Gestalt Therapy works in the present, often looking into how the there and then are playing out in the here and now. It is an existential and holistic awareness project, honouring your unique present experience. I focus on the contact process between you and your immediate environment, how that is and what is happening for you. In this way, your 'self' is created in contact and a fuller experience is had. I do not place myself as the Top Dog therapist who diagnoses and solves things for you, rather I sit alongside and support your journey as it unfolds. Gestalt Therapy works with whatever you bring.

Phone: 07896243463



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