Pregnancy Yoga classes in York.


Pregnancy Yoga classes in York

Here At Tamsin Yoga, We offer early evening Pregnancy Yoga classes in York city centre. 

‘Great New’ From the 9th of September Pregnancy Yoga classes will be Back In-Person Again. They will be on a Wednesdays and Thursday evening between 5.45-7.00pm At Central methodist church hall, It’s a big hall and will allow for social distancing really well. At this point can you contact me to book a place. I’ll be updating the booking in system and classes scheduled over the next few days.

I’m the meantime you can still book at taster for a zoom live class. Below


These popular Pregnancy Yoga classes in York are a great way to stay flexible and mobile, throughout your pregnancy,
helping you feel relaxed, calm and in control millers yard pregnancy yogaof your birthing experience.
Come and enjoy a good stretch with some flowing Yoga movements. We will experience some deep breathing with specific breathing techniques for birth. Pregnancy Yoga is a great way to stay active, throughout your pregnancy. You can come along to a class from 14 weeks pregnant until birth.

Towards the end of the class, we relax with a long guided relaxation. Then we have tea, chocolate & informal chat in the meeting area (optional) but a great way to make new friends



Please enjoy 50% off the drop in price for your first yoga class with Tamsin Yoga, by booking a TASTER below (online)

Book a taster and you will also find a full list of classes with maps, times, venues,


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Students often report going away from classes feeling relaxed, recharged and happy.  Also sleeping much better, especially the evening of their yoga class.

Pregnancy Yoga classes are a gentle, flowing form of Yoga, wonderfully beneficial for creating a sense of well-being while helping you to enjoy and feel comfortable with your body. They prepare you physically, mentally and emotionally for the birth of your baby!

“This time during my yoga practice was blissful, having some time and space to myself, some quiet moments for me were invaluable.“

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The benefits of Pregnancy Yoga

Yoga is an ideal form of exercise for pregnant women. It’s a gentle, flowing, safe way of keeping supple and toned while relaxing and calming body and mind. You feel your aches and pains, stress and anxiety melt away.

Your unborn baby may enjoy the calm, peaceful movements as much as you.


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  • Helping you feel re-charged, nourished, calm and balanced
  • Keeps your body supple without  any strain
  • Releases tension and anxiety and common pregnancy ailments, ie, Backache, heartburn, swollen joints, insomnia, constipation, and (when practised with proper guidance) pelvic girdle pain (PGP) previously known as Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction
  • Can help you bond with your unborn child through breathing and visualisation techniques.
  • Mindful breathing and relaxation for pregnancy and birth preparation. Please give me a ring if you have any questions 07748851063 or send me an email at


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“Thank you for all the great Yoga classes. Your just brilliant at what you do & your personality shines through”

Pregnancy Yoga with Tamsin Yoga 

Tamsin has been teaching Yoga since 2004 & been teaching Pregnancy Yoga in York for 6 years now. She has two children, Her first child was born in 2006, her second in 2008. She practised Pregnancy Yoga throughout both her pregnancies.

It seemed like a natural progression for her to go on and teach mothers to practice the art of yoga! She completed her teacher training in Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga in 2013 with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli (Sitaram Partnership).

Tamsin absolutely loves sharing all she has learned with other women; she is passionate about passing on the knowledge she has gained over the years. She loves being part of this particular time in a woman’s life & hopes that all women will have a good, positive, birthing experience, no matter what kind of birth they want or end up having.


Pregnancy Yoga –Great feedback from our students:




“I really can’t Thank you enough for all the techniques you have passed on and how confident that made me, especially when things didn’t go to plan to use yogic breathing to stay calm. Your Yoga classes were such an integral part of my pregnancy, not just the classes themselves, but the emphasis you put on encouraging us to have tea and chocolate after to socialise. I have made some wonderful friendships. I really am truly grateful. and I can’t wait to be back for pregnancy number 2! But for now, I am loving being mummy to Bertie” Carla

“I started Tamsin Yoga classes at 16 weeks pregnant. I continued throughout until I had my baby at 39 weeks. Tamsin was so helpful & explained everything in detail. I felt the class helped my body during pregnancy & also my mind. I came away from every class feeling relaxed & happy. It’s also a lovely way to meet people & chat after class with tea and chocolate. thanks for everything” Lizzy.

“Hi Tamsin, I just wanted to say how much I loved pregnancy yoga with you; it made me feel so much better, relaxed and in tune with my bump. It was such a lovely, calm and friendly class and that’s because of the very welcoming atmosphere you create. I am really going to miss it, so I am definitely coming to Baby Yoga with Matilda with you, thanks again” Cat.

“I started going to Tamsin’s Yoga class in York at around 20 weeks into my pregnancy, it was the best decision I made. The class is so relaxing and the breathing techniques I learned were invaluable during labour! I used all the breathing techniques Tamsin taught me in class throughout my labour and did not need any additional pain relief. Highly recommended!” Roharna.

More Great success storeys from our Pregnancy Yoga students
“I attended Tamsin’s Pregnancy Yoga class from 15 weeks of pregnancy right up until the end. The class was really enjoyable and an excellent way to stay fit and flexible during pregnancy. For me, the combination of yoga stretches, breathing, and gentle exercise was ideal. Tamsin is a great teacher and is always happy to adjust the content of the class to fit individual needs. I’m definitely planning to move on to one of Tamsin’s other classes now my time with pregnancy yoga has come to an end” Katie.
“Dear Tamsin, I would like to massively thank you for teaching me the breathing techniques, they really helped me in coping with the contractions during labour! A thousand thanks for accompanying me on this way during my pregnancy, we are so blessed with our cute and lovely Emil” Anett
 “I have been attending Tamsin’s Pregnancy Yoga classes since I was 14 weeks pregnant. Now at 32 weeks, I feel really confident to have a natural, active birth – if possible. I have learned some really good breathing exercises and positions to get into during labour!
The social tea and chat after the class have also been a lovely way to meet people in the same situation. I would love to attend the Mummy and Baby Yoga once my baby is here! Thank You, Tamsin!!” Amy.
 “I was already 32 weeks pregnant by the time I got to Tamsin’s pregnancy yoga class, but it was definitely still worth attending. As this was my second child I had not had the time to really connect with my bump. Tamsin’s session gave me the opportunity to forget everything else for an hour or so and focus on me and my growing baby. The exercises were not strenuous in any way but left me feeling invigorated, and helped with the joint pain I had been suffering, but it was the breathing techniques that were invaluable when I finally went into labour. The ujjayi breath came naturally to me and was all I needed to see me through much of the labour. Two midwives were so impressed that they asked if I had done hypnobirthing classes! In the end, I went on to use a tens machine followed by gas and air for the final push. I now attend Tamsin’s mother and baby class with my beautiful daughter” Lara
We would love you to come and join a class.
 Tuesday Pregnancy Yoga classes are at Millers Yard, Gillygate, York,
Wednesday Pregnancy Yoga classes are at Central Methodist Church Hall,New-room
St Savouirgate, York city centre




Paid time off work for pregnancy yoga classes.

Women in full-time employment are entitled to paid time off work to attend yoga classes, which are covered by the category ‘antenatal appointments and relaxation and parent craft classes’.
Please exercise your right to this time off work. For further details of legal obligations of employers to pregnant women please see: hhtp://