Postnatal Mummy & Baby Yoga

Postnatal Mummy & Baby Yoga

Postnatal Mummy & Baby Yoga is specifically designed to help you recover from the birth of your baby from the inside out. Building core strength & flexibility, through yogic breath & pelvic floor practices. We will learn to work

Postnatal Mummy & Baby Yoga Cobrawith the body to create strength, stability, vitality, tone, and lasting health. Re-energise & gain some physical & emotional postnatal healing,

Postnatal Mummy & Baby Yoga 1while all the time taking it slowly and learning to be gentle with ourselves.

As well as re-aligning ourselves post-pregnancy, your baby will also be involved in the whole class. The techniques we learn can be practised
together with your baby as an element of Baby Yoga is included. Yoga is a perfect way for the two of you to connect while helping you both feel great!Postnatal Mummy & Baby Yoga 2

There are lots of benefits for baby too. Yoga can help with settling and improving sleep patterns, ease digestion, constipation, emotional agitation & poor circulation. It can help with colic & strengthen both his/her muscular abilities & nervous system.

You will hopefully gain an added confidence in baby handling and enjoy getting used to the challenges of motherhood in a safe, relaxed, friendly environment.

When to come and what to bring to Postnatal Mummy & Baby Yoga

You and your baby can come to class when your baby is 6/8 weeks old (depending on the birth) until they are walking

Classes are relaxed & informal, allowing you to feed & change your baby when needed. You can arrive at the hall 15 minutes before the class starts & remain 15 minutes afterwards.

Mats will be down for you when you arrive. You and your baby can just come & relax down on them together. We have comfy stuff to sit on but if you can bring a pillow for your baby to lie on, while they’re doing baby Yoga. This makes a perfect shape! At the end, there is no need to put your mats away. we like to make it easier for you to carry on the rest of your day.



Postnatal Mummy & Baby Yoga

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Postnatal Mummy & Baby Yoga