Vitality Space is Open

​A Space to enjoy inner calm, vitality and grounding in your life

This is a community where you get everything you need to feel grounded and calm at every stage of your life, even when your dealing with stress or overwhelm.

Whenever you step into this space all your stress and overwhelm will didopate, thanks to all the tools your giong to get access to inside.

Creating the perfect environment to live a life you love and feel good about...

Tamsin welcomed me to her classes with her warm and encouraging approach. She is a very experienced and knowledgeable teacher. I feel great after each session. This is one of the best classes I have ever done and I can't recommend her highly enough

Sophie Wales

The Deep Calm Framework

All Yoga classes and guided expert sessions will be recorded and put in the member's area to enjoy and use again and again. Perfectly organised into subjects within the Deep Calm framework

  • Yoga, Breathing, Meditation, Sound, Colour, Visualisations, Hypnotherapy, Guided Stories, Gestalt Therapy and more...
  • Live online yoga throughout the week. 1 hour, half-hour & 15 Min Session
  • A guest expert area. Mindset, healing and other types of feel good tips
  • Facebook group and communication channels where we can make connections and ask questions outside of live sessions.
  • Whats App group where you recieve 15 min reminders with the link you need, each time a session is starting
  • We will have a member's area with a DEEP CALM framework with many hours of recorded yoga classes you can get stuck into as soon as you join

All Yoga classes and guided expert sessions will be recorded and put in the member's area to enjoy and use again and again.

This membership is going to have everything you need to feel grounded and calm. It will have everything you need all in one space. You will get an all-round holistic healing package.

Vitality Space will be a space you can come and do your physical exercise. A space to come and nurture your spiritual and soul side. It's going to be a talking space.

And a place to come and release unwanted energy, through dance and connection. It's going to be a community where we can build something special together.

The Team



Founder, Community Manger and Yoga Teacher.

Hi, I am Tamsin Bramley, I create space for you to relax, unwind & feel amazing in mind body and spirit.

As a child I was bullied and beaten up at school. I was followed and threatened to the point I was too scared to leave my house.

As an adult I realised I was holding a lot of unresolved trauma and i found that yoga and therapy helped me navigate through a lot of this.

After finding yoga I began to feel like I was living in a world full of possibility instead of a world full of stress and fear.

I have been teaching yoga for nearly 20 years now and first trained in India in 2004.

I used Yoga, breathing, meditation, sound, colour, visualisation, & positive reslove.



Yoga Teacher and Globetrotter Adventurer.

Sahana found yoga to overcome a medical condition which couldn't be treated by any of the various medical ways.

Within a few months of yoga practice she revived and realised how, with just getting back in touch with the roots of one's body and mind, great magic & healing happens.

After taking a Masters in Yoga and Naturopathy in India, she decided to take up teaching as an act of giving back something that was a game changer in her life.

Sahana will be teaching a regular Yoga slot.



Therapist, Group Leader, One to One Therapist.

Paul grew up in a traditional Yorkshire farming environment and after a lot of personal development work and study, decided he would feel fulfilled working in the field of mental health, having at times personally experienced and seen so many struggle, alone.

Paul is now an Advanced Trainee Relational Gestalt Psychotherapist having undergone 4 years of training in both Spain and the U.K. He is also a fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

As your therapist Paul works in the here and now, helping you to become aware, without judgement, how you are truly experiencing the present moment. He will help you to get in touch with yourself in body, mind, and spirit, always validating your experience no matter where you are or what you are bringing.




Here you get, all online Yoga classes live and recorded, breathing, meditations, Q&A, guest experts, and more



Online & In-Person

Here you get, all online Yoga classes live and recorded, breathing, meditation, Q&A, guest experts, and more Plus ... One In-Person Yoga Class Per Week


Online One to One Option

Here you get, all online yoga classes live and recorded, breathing, meditation, Q&A, guest experts Plus: Weekly one-to-one Therapy/Coaching