Tamsin Yoga, founded by Tamsin in 2012

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Hi, I’m Tamsin, I create space for you to relax, unwind, & feel amazing in body, mind & spirit through the art of Yoga.

At the Age of 5, my parents split,

We are driving away from our little village with my Mum and I can still remember the feeling of heartbreak and confusion as I look out the back of the car window. My Dad’s standing there in the middle of the road crying and I just want to get out of the car and run to him. We are moving to the nearest big city.
I find myself very young & I am feeling misplaced & vulnerable.

I am bullied and beaten up at school.
This bullying persisted for years.

I am followed and threatened to the point I am too scared to leave my house.

As a young adult, I realized I was holding a lot of unresolved trauma and stress
I found Yoga and Gestalt Therapy helped me navigate through a lot of this.



More About Tamsin Yoga

I had spent the day lifting bags of clay and cutting and banging metal.
My back is killing me, and my hands are sore.
I think to myself I can’t do this anymore.
But what am I going to do now?
I’ve spent 6 years at an art college/university studying an art course.
I wanted this so much. I moved back from Berlin, one of the most amazing cities I’ve ever lived in to study at Brighton University.
It was my dream to be an artist.
But now that dream was in tatters.
My body just wouldn’t cope.
I took 2 weeks off to completely recover.

I realized I started getting into art to hide from the bullies.

Anything that helped keep me away from them… at school it wasn’t long before I realised my art teacher opened her doors to the Art Room
at breaks and lunch.

So, I could go there and hide. And enjoy Art.

I loved the vibe of the art room; it was peaceful, and everyone was nice to me up there.
The Art Room became my safe space.
I went on to be at an art college for 6 years of my life, before becoming a yoga teacher.
When I think about it, there was one person who really inspired me while I was at Art Collage, he was my yoga teacher at the time;
He told me that yoga helped you have better relationships, and he told me, yoga helps you feel happy. He told me yoga helped you feel calm and focused and at one, bold claims, I know … but I was starting to feel it. And I really needed it too.
The only time I felt completely calm and well in my body and mind was while doing yoga.

I realized that art was my hiding place and yoga was going to be my coming out from my hiding Place and into the light place.


It was at this point I decided I was going to be a yoga teacher.
After the 2-week recovery, I went into my head of year and told him
‘I’m going to be a yoga teacher
he said:

“I think you’ll make a good yoga teacher.”

'What inspires me most, is when my students come up to me and say,
'I honestly feel like a different person leaving,'
'Oh, I just want to tell you Tamsin, this yoga has changed my life'
'I'm so glad I found this yoga class, at last, I found the right class I just know I'm on the right path and doing the right thing.'

How come I chose the healing path?

I made a commitment to myself years ago that everything I do in my life will have an impact on someone, I will help someone, I will improve someone’s life as much as I can in a positive way and that's what I'm doing every day and it makes me happy, it gives me purpose, it helps me feel alive inside.

I arrived and left a lot of places; I learnt a lot and partied hard. This was great as it gave me passion to travel, and I had some of the most amazing experiences ever and I wouldn’t change any of it in a moment.

But I was full of anxiety and unresolved trauma.

Through my travels, I learned so much but most of all, I learned the tools to heal.

How did I get to this place?

I learned to notice triggers.
I noticed my reactions.
I learned to work through my feelings and react in different ways.
I learned to manage my anxiety.


By being still, by noticing my body 'in' the moment, by noticing my breath, the speed of it, the feel of it and the texture of it.
By being aware of my feelings and letting them be, without running away.
By connecting deeply to my body's energy centres and unblocking them one by one.
By rediscovering the cheerfulness, the balance, the colour, and the fun of who I am.

I aligned myself too feeling the light emerging from inside me, feeling lighter and happier, I became responsible for my life, taking back my power.
And now I’m passionate about helping others find this light themselves.

I have this deep, feeling that I want to help other people through their life traumas, I know that Yoga taps into an abundant source of healing energy that's available to everyone. I know it's transformational in that sense. It’s very similar to Gestalt Therapy too.

I realise anyone can tap into this energy for self-healing, they just need to know how.
I realise the more I learn the more I can pass it on. So that's what I do, I learn and then I pass it on. I feel like I am the vehicle, and the knowledge passes through me and on to the next person who needs it. It doesn't come from me it passes through me I found my calling so to say.

About Tamsin Yoga

After university, I decided to travel around India for a year to find a 'teacher training' course for me. It's been nearly 20 years now since I did that first teacher training course in Hatha Yoga at the Sivananda Vedanta School of Yoga in Kerela in India. It was 3 intensive months of learning the teachings and philosophy of yoga, living in a tent under a coconut tree my confidence grew more and more until I was able to teach yoga to a room full of 30 students or more from all around the world.
Considering I felt scared to even walk in a room of people before that, this was amazing
I felt transformed, I felt a confidence that I've never felt, and I felt a strength to do my thing in peace, real peace, it takes a lot to face vulnerabilities but through yoga, etc……I felt supported.

Ever since starting my yoga journey everything in life just gets better and better and the best thing is I feel passionate about helping others find and align to their light by letting go of the past, learning to relax & breathe well, releasing tension in the body & mind, while feeling supported.

I teach a variety of different kinds of Yoga, ranging from Dynamic to Yin.

For me, it’s how yoga makes you feel on the inside and not what it looks like on the outside.

I use Yoga, Breathing, Meditation, Sound, Colour, Visualisations, and Guided Stories.

Contact Me

I would love to hear from you, Please get in contact with me to ask me any questions.

About Tamsin Yoga, where can you find a class?

POCKLINGTON (go to the Pocklinton page for info on booking)

  • The Scouts Hut 

For On-Line Offerings

Here at Tamsin Yoga with Tamsin Bramley, we are opening an online Yoga school or more like an online community. "More than just a yoga school', if you would like to be involved in the first beta launch, this will mean you will be a founding member, it will be launched at a reduced fee which will never change for you, and you will help shape, the timetable and offerings to suit you. so far we have weekly 1-hour, 30 min, and 15 min Yoga classes, group chat/therapy,(with the chance to upgrade to 1 on 1 work) and a regular Friday night Dance Party, once every few weeks depending on demand, and then guest experts on top of which there will be lots.

Please go here for more info and to get yourself on the waitlist to be the first to know once it's ready.

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