Tamsin Yoga, founded by Tamsin in 2012

Hi, I’m the founder of Tamsin Yoga, I have been teaching now for 16 years and practising for over 30 years. I love the way yoga makes you feel, it doesn’t matter what kind of day or week you might have had, yoga just makes it all better. Overall, these years what inspires me the most are my students. When students come up to me and say, “I honestly feel like a different person leaving” Or “I just wanted to tell you Tamsin, ‘This yoga has changed my life” It just really makes me realise how important it is to pass this stuff on.

I originally trained as a yoga teacher in India and have done many pieces of training since in the UK Over the years, having developed my own style of Yoga, each class might feel a little bit different. I love devising poses for people of all abilities, and modifying postures to adapt to individuals depending on their needs.


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More About Tamsin Yoga

Tamsin graduated as a Hatha Yoga teacher from the Sivananda Vedanta School of Yoga in Kerala in India in 2004. After graduating, she stayed on at the ashram, first as an assistant and then as a fully-fledged teacher of classical yoga, taking classes with up to fifty students from across the globe. While in Puna, India she delved deep into a Vipassana, which is a silent meditation 10-day retreat, this was life-changing.
She studied specialist training in Pregnancy/Postnatal Yoga with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli in 2013 in London. Also taking some workshops in Womb Yoga with Uma, exploring the benefits of yoga throughout a woman’s life
She has also studied and trained in Hypnos-yoga for birth which brings an added benefit to her pregnancy yoga classes.
Tamsin Is a breath-work specialist and has done specialist training in this area with Sound Moves. You will learn a lot about breathing in her classes.

Having done a colour therapy course and is very attuned to the healing benefits of colour. Colour will sometimes be interweaved into breathing and relaxation.
She was Attuned to Raki Level 2 in the Carpathian Mountains in Romania, gaining insight into an abundant source of healing energy, everyone can tap into for self-healing.
Tamsin Has a degree from Brighton University, in 3-Dimensional Design and Crafts, specialising in Metalwork and Ceramics.
She has travelled extensively through India, Morocco, and Eastern Europe. Western Europe and lived in Berlin for 3 years after the wall came down.
Now settling with her husband and 2 boys in a tiny village on the foothills of the Yorkshire Wolds, near York.



About Tamsin Yoga, where can you find a class?

Classes will run from 2 venues in York and 1 venue in Stamford Bridge.

Please go here for a full list of venues and pricing

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